Creating content is not enough. Promote it.

Source: Traffic Jam, episode #37, interview with Chad Pollitt.

Creating your own content is not enough today to get traffic. It is important to do content promotion and distribution.

Last year was the year of content marketing. This year is the year of content distribution and promotion.

The war over the eyeballs on the Internet is won in many industries. Many people follow their habits and consume limited number of well-established Internet resources. Your goal it to get your content published on those media outlets in order to reach your audience.

We create owned media to earn media.

“Earn media” means to have news and editorial coverage on well-known sites, get influencers speak about you and distribute your content via syndication and curation.

Experiment with paid advertising, paid advertorials and social media ads. is spending 29% of its marketing investments on content promotion and distribution.