Lesson from Panda 4.0: be unique and valuable

This is how it happened. Matt Cutts from Google announces update in Google search algorithm.

Matt Cutts announces Panda 4.0 update on Google

That’s it. Apart from this single tweet there was no official confirmation from Google.

But why don’t they tell us more?

If we knew the details of Google algo updates we would try to use this information to our own advantage. We would try to game the system and manipulate Google algo. The same way many of us have been doing it for years with keywords, links, headers, fabricated content and millions of other ‘SEO’ techniques.

This is precisely what Google tries to avoid with its anti-spam efforts.

Build your business around your Customer

A mindshift is happening right now. With its algo updates Google is breaking the spirit of traditional SEO which was concentrated mainly on cheating.

Google is interested in showing useful information in search results. And if a product is not unique and valuable does it deserve to be found in Google search?