Google Plus is about reciprocation

Source: Traffic Jam, episode #35, interview with Martin Shervington.

First thing: build your network

If your Google Plus post gets no +1s try building your G+ network first. It can be a two-part process.

Part 1: connect with people

Build your network through engagement with other people. Share, comment and +1 other people’s content. Join G+ communities and start interacting with people there. When you do that other people will start engaging with you in return.

Part 2: find top engagers

Create three circles to manage your G+ connections:

  1. New engagers: people who never engaged with you before.
  2. Increased engagers: people from ‘new engagers’ circle who continue to engage.
  3. Grand evangelists: those who are evangelising your content.

The goal is to find the 100 people who are running around telling everybody that your content is awesome.

Make people feel special

You can use circle system to make people feel special. For example, you can contact people directly and ask if they want to join a circle on a specific topic.

Another approach is to create a topical email list and ask people if they want to join it. When new content is released send those people an email notification.

Unless people feel that you are giving something in return their attention moves elsewhere.

Feedback loop of engagement

  1. When people engage with your G+ content it tells Google that this content is important.
  2. It allows your content to surface at higher positions in search. Which results in higher traffic to your website.
  3. Finally, if your web site has +1 buttons it feeds engagement back to Google Plus. This closes the feedback loop.


  • Alternate business content with fun stuff (cats). If we posted just serious content many people would disconnect.
  • Some communities consider G+ posts with just a link and no text as spam.