Ad copy and social media tips

Source: SEO podcast, episodes #226 and #227.

How to improve your Ad copy

  • Focus on your benefits.
  • Address objections on landing page.
  • A/B test your Ad and landing page.
  • Speak the language of your audience.
  • Incorporate ‘power words’: you, new, free, instantly.
  • Improve your offer to increase conversion.

Social media tips

  • Use social platforms differently. Twitter post is not suitable for Facebook.
  • Use Instagram if you need access to young audience.
  • Post at right time of the day/week. It is ok to post the same twit more than once.
  • Have a bio on every social media account.
  • Social is a two-way street. Respond, share other links, retweet.
  • Proofread.
  • Be brief.