Let your employees talk about your brand on social media

Source: Traffic Jam, episode #32, interview with Alex Coté.

Get your employees engaged in social media and they will do amazing things for your brand.

Employees bring their social relationships into your company. Each of them has personal brand and collectively they form the brand of your business.

Weakness is an opportunity

In the past, marketing, PR and customer support was controlled by the company. Social media changed this and this control has gone. People are going to complain on Twitter and you can not prevent it. Use it as an opportunity to talk to your customers.

Speak openly and honestly about your issues. The more transparent your brand is the more respect it gets.

Humanise your brand

Let your employees expose your company’s internal culture outside. Customers would prefer talking directly to your employees rather than a faceless social media department.

Trust your people

You are hiring the people that you trust. It means that you are also trusting them to say the right things in public.