Mobile marketing

Source: Traffic Jam, Episode #27

Mobile stats (as of Jan 2014)

31% of Americans access the Internet only from a mobile device.

Almost 70% of all Facebook usage is mobile.

90% of all links shared on Twitter come from mobile phone.

48% of all email is opened from mobile phone.

Email marketing

Your email sender name is the largest text in the inbox. Take advantage of it.

Email subject line may get truncated on small screens. Therefore first 5 or 6 words are most important.

Time of the day when emails are sent is the key because it determines if/when those emails are read. Investigate the best time of the day to maximize conversion.

Make email text big. Use responsive email templates.

SMS marketing

Consider using text messaging marketing. For example, at live events you can say to your visitors: “Text GIFT to 555333 to get a discount” and send back a link.