SEO year 2014 review

Source: SEO Podcast - Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Episode #219

On ecommerce site avoid copying content for products from manufacturer website. Rework the content, otherwise Google will see it as duplicate.

Analyze your niche keywords and rankings for them with various tools. Google webmaster tools is one of them.

Google Plus authorship of pages only works when your are active on your G+ account: writing posts, adding people to your circles, doing +1s etc.

Including G+ into the list of your social marketing stratagies is now mandatory. For SEO G+ is probably even more important than Facebook or Twitter.

Create good content and people will link to it. Write for your readers and keep search engines in mind and not vice versa.

Create video content. G+ is great for that as well, it is integrated with YouTube.

In your content use

  • CTA (call to action)
  • USP (unique selling proposition)
  • Business Credibility

Getting more out of conversion confirmation page (“thank you” page)

  • Make it a separate page so you can use it as a goal in Google Analytics to track conversion
  • Put social media links: follow us, share, like etc.
  • Ask for review
  • Show other similar products people bought.