Risky SEO strategies. How to avoid Google penalties.

Source: Visible HQ, episode #10, interview with Matthew Newton.

If you ruin your own web site - fine. If you screw up your client’s - man what’s wrong with you?!

– Matthew Newton

Know an SEO trick? Google also knows about it

If there is a spammy SEO strategy that everybody uses Google also knows about it. Google may be slow to respond to some manipulations but they do respond eventually.

Guest blogging

In his attack on guest blogging Matt Cutts meant the spammy type of guest posting. There is nothing wrong in creating high quality guest posts.

Placing spammy backlinks on other sites is a risky strategy.

If most of your backlinks come from same sites it is a recipe for disaster. Try to have diversity in where you place backlinks.

SEO in moderation

Any SEO strategy is good only if it’s used in moderation. For example, if you optimised one header and it worked well don’t go and do that for all your pages.