SEO tips from Eric Enge

Source: Traffic Jam, episode #34, interview with Eric Enge.

Cutting through the noise

There are thousands of good articles in Google search for every single topic. If you write just another ‘good’ article people will never going to find it.

The key is to find a strategy that attracts people’s attention.

  • How do you help people solve their problems?
  • What makes your content unique?
  • What triggers emotional reaction?
  • What makes it connect with your audience?

Is keyword research still useful for SEO?

Yes, because keyword research reveals the language your potential customers use. If you speak this language Google will consider your content more relevant. It will also increase conversions.

Build your brand and reputation first:

  • Outreach and get known (on conferences, events).
  • Solve people’s problems on social media.
  • Publish great content.

This will create demand for yourself. As a result, people will link to you.

Does social media help in ranking?

Studies show no strong evidence of social signals directly affecting page rank. But social media presence is extremely important because it will send readers from social media channels back to your site.