UI tips: focus, build, test and ship

  • Focus. Be very particular in what your business does. Do not try to be everything for everyone. Narrow down the scope of your product.

  • Build. Start developing interactive prototype ASAP. Don’t overthink it, just build.

  • Test. Test your ideas on people. Try to get user feedback during the earliest stages of development.

  • Track. Track usage of your software with Google Analytics, Heap, Flurry and other services. You will be surprised after you see how people use your product (vs how you though it would be used).

  • Simplify. But not at the beginning. Start with many features and then narrow down.

  • Explain. Clearly explain what your software does on its landing screen. Use short simple words. Don’t try to be fancy. If people do not quickly get it they will not use your product.

  • Show. Make sure important stuff is clearly visible. Put it above the fold on the screen.

  • Ship. It is impossible to predict how popular your product will be before it is shipped and used.

Source: video Why You’re Over-Thinking Your UI/UX with Rohan Puri.