Content marketing tips from Neil Patel

Source: Traffic Jam, episode #31, interview with Neil Patel.

Neil Patel is a successful entrepreneur known for his work in digital marketing. He is consulting companies like Samsung, Amazon and Microsoft.

Main tip

Do content marketing. Write good content that people want to read and they will come to your site. Eventually some of them will end up converting.

Cross-link between your pages. Mashable does it well and that’s why they rank high.

Keywords ideas

Type keywords into Google search and see other keywords it suggests. Integrate those keywords within your existing content. Do it where it is natural, avoid keyword stuffing.

Get keywords ideas from Google suggestions

Steal your competitor’s followers

Create a Facebook Ad campaign and target your competitor’s followers.

Improve your blog’s engagement

To increase engagement in your blog post ask a question at the end of blog post. Respond to every single person that leaves a comment.


Create infographics: simple visual representations of complex ideas/data. Neil does 1 infographic a week: one person is collecting data and designer is making the images.

How to start blogging

Look at your competitors. Find what is working in their blog and start from there.

How to outreach

The goal of outreach is to be friendly and to help people. Outreach does not work well if you just pitching.

Look for those in your space who are open about posting other people’s content, linking out or twitting. Start engaging with them. They are usually the friendly ones and not direct competitors.

Do deals with other content providers and put your existing content on their sites (this process is called content syndication).

Effective marketing channels

Use Facebook and Twitter Ads. They are ‘dirt cheap’.

Final advice

Don’t look for a quick and easy route to get traffic. Look for long term. Provide a lot of value and educate.